Aim & Objectives

Aim & Objectives

1. Encourage people with innovative ideas in the field of development and create opportunity for them to test their ideas to promote self reliant development models in the country;

2. Make people conscious and aware of their own problems and create in them such spirit as they would be  able  to solve their own problems;

3. Undertake economic and income generating activities for poverty alleviation;

4. Help improving access to resources for the poor, and provide institutional and other facilities to the physically challenged, mentally retarded and other distressed people;

5. Undertake relief and rehabilitation activities at times natural disaster;

6. Undertake and promote research activities on various aspects of development;

7. Establish and maintain libraries and information services;

8. Create consciousness among people on:

-food security

-health care and sanitation

-family planning

-child and adult education

-habitable and sustainable ecology and environment

    9. Undertake sustainable development program for the indigenous people through capacity building;

    10.Empower women and increase awareness on gender issues and make opportunities for both women and men to achieve their potential in sustainable human, social and economic development;

11. Increase awareness of the rural people to access local government resources and strengthen local government agencies